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E-Transcript: Secure, Encrypted Email Delivery of your Transcripts.

With this new technology, we certainly can make a difference in your practice!

Delivered to you via e-mail or on diskette, e-transcripts are read-only, searchable and printable. Electronic delivery ensures the transcript is secure and virus-protected with page and line integrity guaranteed.

Ask us for an e-transcript today!
Spend less time to get more out of your transcripts!

The benefits you will realize from the use of e-transcript include:

No More Formatting Issues - e-transcript guarantees page and line integrity, so you get a consistent, professional version every time - no more wrestling with ASCII files!

No Software Needed - All you need to do to open, view and print your e-transcript is double-click on the file. All of the software you need comes embedded in the e-transcript.

Easy Transcript Review - Reduce the time you spend digesting and summarizing transcripts with e-transcript's Hyperlinked Word Index (key word index electronically linked to page and line numbers in the transcript with the click of a mouse).

Export Compatibility - Unlike ASCII files, you can save your e-transcript into any third party word processing or litigation support package.